The Sims FreePlay

“The Sims will return to iPhone in a new life, although on this occasion will be a freemium game, something that is becoming very common in the App Store.”
Its development will be a mixture of virtual life that we already know, with Farmville type games.
This means that thanks to the objectives which we reach, we will open more missions and new objects.

Although we already have several titles for iPhone, none are universal, which means that, although we can play on ipad, they are not designed for this. It is hoped that this new version if it is, and thus can enjoy to the maximum of the virtual world better known by all.

When the first game of ‘The Sims’ was launched, many voices stood up to accuse the game want to waste time of young lives that they would never have.

Clear that then came the MMORPG and suddenly time ‘lost’ with ‘The Sims’ games was a triviality compared with the hours, days, weeks, and months that the players engaged in the persistent online worlds.

Now ‘Sims’ gives a rather interesting twist on their way to mobile platforms, unlike other games of the series, the daily life of its inhabitants is exactly the same as ours.

When we win, they will rise also. When we eat, we must be careful to eat, and when we go to sleep, better send them to bed.  Did you know you can get a Sims FreePlay Cheats Tool?

It is a necessary change if we want it to work on a platform to which no we’re going to be able to dedicate so much time as when we play with the computer or console.

In this way, now we can say to our sims what to do a few times a day without fear that they die of hunger because we have spent 20 minutes without being tuned to the screen.

That also has a side effect that is highly questionable, and is that these sims don’t seem to have their own free will. We have to tell them at all times what to do, and remember that they will do so at the same rate that we would do it.

This is where we really realize how long we are pulling in these little characters, since we are telling them that is give a shower… when in fact we should be doing it.  For the cheat guide, visit: